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Hassle Free Contacts Backup ..

If you are the one who flashes ROM every now and then, then you must defnitely have lost your contacts some time or the other. There are lots of backup options before flashing, but when something has to go wrong, it will go wrong 🙂 .. Your sd card gets corrupted, the backup file somehow magically disappears and if its there, then it doesnot restore the contacts. There are endless possibilities of what can go wrong. For this reason, I want to recommend Idrive. What is it? It is a contact backup solution, Thats it. Nothing more. And thats the best part about it.  It is as simple as it can get. Just download the app from the market. Registering is as simple as entering your email and password, and then  it proceeds to automatically sync all your contacts. Within seconds the contacts are uploaded. Just to add, only the phone information of contacts are uploaded . Nothing more, nothing less. But it gets the job done ..  Jump over to idrive for more info.