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Indian EPaper Downloader now in Android Market! Get it now!

Hi All,

Now time for a big announcement. I have finally published the “Indian Epaper” (name changed) app to the Android market. The UI is amazing and is completely intuitive. You will surely love it. The app gives you access to the epapers of your favorite cities for the last two days, directly from your Android phone/tablet. You can use it on Kindle Fire too, as I will be publishing the same app in the Amazon App Store.

Also, I will be discontinuing the distribution of the previous apk and the other jars. Their links will now take you to the Android MarketPlace where you can make the purchase for just 99 cents free. As you know, I have spent a hell lot of time and effort in this and the result is amazing. I have kept the price at a nominal 99 cents app completely free. I am sure this app will be of a lot of help to my users out there. Please make the purchase to keep the development going.

Android Market Link

Few screenshots :


Times of India adds captcha security :P ..

SO the integration of TimesOfIndia to my cloud application is gonnna be tougher. Sometime in the last week, TOI decided to add captcha everytime you want to download a pdf! Also they moved their PDFs to their private directories. So no more direct linking. If you try to access their page directly, you should something as follows :

This also means that the previous versions of my software will break for TOI. 😦
Anyways, nice they have taken some initiative towards more security. I will check to see if something can be done to bypass this.

Till then .. .

Epaper Downloader v1.0 – Complete Web Version –

First of all, Thanks everyone for the tremendous support. I have been continuously receiving emails about the software wrt to feature requests, bugs, etc. It really feels great.
So, I have been working on a new version for quite sometime now (although I didnt blog about it). I wanted to move the entire software to the cloud and after a lot of hurdles, I have finally done so. I present the completely new version of the Epaper Downloader, build from scratch with stability and extensibility in mind. Currently, It only has DNA support, but will add TOI in the next few days (shouldnt be difficult).

It should work on most browsers and devices (phones, tablets, too). (I had some problems with Chrome. If you have too, try using IE/Firefox).

Important Note: After the epaper is generated successfully, the link will be alive for the next 5 mins only. So make sure to save the paper to your device 🙂 ..

Waiting for your comments. ..
Till then ..


Upgrading to Froyo – AT&T Captivate – Mini Kies “unregistered device” error

I know there are many people who are getting this error when trying to upgrade to Froyo firmware using Samsung KIES. I was gettting this error and after 2 hours of efforts, I could finally figure out what was wrong and I could flash the firmware!

So what was wrong?
Two things:
1. If u have installed custom roms (Honeycomb) , then chances are your IMEI number was overwritten.
2. Also chances are your product code is also overwritten

To get these back, Refer to this post :

Once it is done, you product code should now be i897ZKAATT
If its not, go back and see what you missed. Dont continue. It will not work.
After this, REVERT BACK TO STOCK -> factory reset -> THIS IS IMPORTANT
Lastly, after your phone is reset , connect back to KIES and the upgrade should successfully complete now!

Next thing on my mind for epaper Downloader..

A quick post. Just to let my fans [: ) ] know the next thing on my mind for the app. A way to view the paper in your browser without downloading! Click on the embedded content below to read in full screen. But this might take some time and will cost me! Let me know if you like this idea. Leave comments about this or on Facebook (if u r my friend i.e.)..

ePaper Downloader – Now includes TOI and Mint !! Improved UI! Improved Stability!

epaper DownloaderSo its been quite some time since I have updated the app. But I have been busy with my studies/research/job interviews and such. But I have finally finished with the new version of the app and it’s up for download.. Fellow NRIs! Rejoice! No need to pay for TOI epaper. You can download it free using this app :).

Download Links :
Web version : Get it here.
Desktop version : Get it here.

What’s changed :
– Times of India and Mint added. Previously included Hindustan Times, Hindustan Dainik & DNA.
– Improved UI : Progress indicator much more reliable now.
– Much more stable than the previous versions.
– Now you can automatically get the latest version if you use the web version. However the downside is that the app will be downloaded from the web on every launch. If that is a problem, use my desktop jar version and keep checking this blog for updates :).

I have received more than 500 downloads, which is much more than I initially anticipated.  Also received a couple of fan mails. Thank you for the continued support!

Credits: Many thanks to Dhruv Arya for letting me know that TOI epaper is still free (when visited using an Indian IP address).

Till then!

Rdp/vnc client for android


These days I have been quite busy with my studies.. have a lot to blog.. so will start in small chunks..
Just upgraded my galaxy s to perception ROM Beta 8… its sweet.. having been having some gps issues though.. the Gingerbread launcher/keyboard are the highlights.  Will post more about this in a seperate post. As of nw I just installed the wyse pocketcloud .. looked sweet on first look.  Nice interface. Its a remote desktop app fr android. On launching told me to install the desktop client, was very surprised not to find a linux client in this age. But anyways today I was working on windows fr sone reason,  so downloaded the client,  but it failed to start some services during installation .. too bad.. tried again with admin priveleges but the same error.. giving up on it.  Will look at their blog later to check if I am missing anything.  Till later ….

Hassle Free Contacts Backup ..

If you are the one who flashes ROM every now and then, then you must defnitely have lost your contacts some time or the other. There are lots of backup options before flashing, but when something has to go wrong, it will go wrong 🙂 .. Your sd card gets corrupted, the backup file somehow magically disappears and if its there, then it doesnot restore the contacts. There are endless possibilities of what can go wrong. For this reason, I want to recommend Idrive. What is it? It is a contact backup solution, Thats it. Nothing more. And thats the best part about it.  It is as simple as it can get. Just download the app from the market. Registering is as simple as entering your email and password, and then  it proceeds to automatically sync all your contacts. Within seconds the contacts are uploaded. Just to add, only the phone information of contacts are uploaded . Nothing more, nothing less. But it gets the job done ..  Jump over to idrive for more info.

Move Ubuntu from a wubi partition to a real one!

Wubi offers a quick and painless way of trying out Ubuntu. However it does have some performance drawbacks but the major one is that it doesnot allow Hibernation, which is a must for me. After having played around with Ubuntu for some time , I figured its time to install it as a partition, but I didnot want to give away my Wubi installation. So i decided  to move it and believe me, It’s not as straightforward as it sounds .. And after playing around with VirtualBox , I finally figured it out 🙂 ..

So this is what you need :

1) Live CD of your Ubuntu distribution

2) Two partitions on your hard drive (Can be primary or extended)

3) Patience !!! Lots of it ..

In case you dont hve two free partitions then you need to make them somehow. Since you already have a windows installation, you can use any partition manager to resize your existing partitions to create space for Linux or use GParted as I did. It is better to have the partitions of the same size as your Ubuntu disks. And how do you know the size of the disks? You can find your Ubuntu disks (aka. Wubi installations) under your installation_drive_used_for_wubi/ubuntu/disks . Here you will find two disks namely root.disk and swap.disk . Write down the size and make your partitions accordingly. Also you can directly format the partitions as ext4 although it is not mandatory.

Once you are done with the partitions, you are ready to proceed. Next is boot off the live cd. If you dont have the live cd, download it off the site. You can boot off your usb too, using the nifty utility “UnetBootin“. Instructions to use Unetbootin can be found on its site. Once you booted off the livecd/usb, then comes the mounting part.

Go to Applications>Accessories>terminal and type the following commands

$  sudo fdisk -l

This should give you the list of partitions on your hard drive. Make a note of the two partitions that you made. If you made a primary partition, It should be one of /dev/sda[1-4], while extended partitions will be /dev/sda[5+]. Lets assume the root partition is /dev/sda6. Now mount the hard-drive partition where the ubuntu disks are located. You can do this by just going to Places menu and clicking on your partition. To know the path where it is mounted, on the Terminal type :

$  sudo /etc/mtab

Your newly mounted partition will be listed , usually at the end of the list and it would probably start with /media/XXX . You can also mount the partition manually if you can locate your partition in the fdisk output, in which case you just need to type :

$  sudo mount /dev/sdaX /media/Data

Lets say the partition is mounted at /media/Data. Now we need to copy the disks onto the partitions. For this we will use the dd command.On the terminal, cd into /media/Data/ubuntu/disks and type :

$  sudo dd if=root.disk of=/dev/sda6

This would take a long time depending upon the disk size. For a 30 gig disk, it took an hour for me . Repeat the same for the swap disk.

$  sudo dd if=swap.disk of=/dev/sda7

After the copying is completed , the last step that remains is setting up the Bootloader. For Ubuntu 10.04, Grub2 is being used and I will give directions for the same.

Fire up a terminal from the Live CD for Ubuntu 10.04.
$ sudo fdisk -l (Note the partition number on which Linux resides)
$ sudo mount /dev/sdaX /mnt (Replace X with the partition number housing Linux, 6 in our case)
$ sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda
$ sudo update-grub
$ sudo reboot

Credits to for the enlightening post & for the awesome translation.

After the reboot, you should see the dual-boot screen of Grub2 asking you to select the OS. Boot into Ubuntu and you should hopefully see the login screen. 🙂 …

Post comments for any clarifications..

All About WP7S Phones

Mix10 is here and so are the much awaited anouncements regarding WP7S. The blogging world is abuzz with posts regarding the newest phones, the development kits and tools, the customized hubs, the marketplace and its featured apps and even the Metro book, handed out by Microsoft. Instead of elaborating more on it, I would like to just share some of the must read articles out there.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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