Times of India adds captcha security :P ..

SO the integration of TimesOfIndia to my cloud application is gonnna be tougher. Sometime in the last week, TOI decided to add captcha everytime you want to download a pdf! Also they moved their PDFs to their private directories. So no more direct linking. If you try to access their page directly, you should something as follows :

This also means that the previous versions of my software will break for TOI. 😦
Anyways, nice they have taken some initiative towards more security. I will check to see if something can be done to bypass this.

Till then .. .


Posted on October 27, 2011, in mobile. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Well I was just trying to download some first week of October edition and then I was able to download some of the dates . So , I was wondering if they have moved to private directories then how I was able to download . May be that can be a pointer for solution for your break-fix.

    Eagerly waiting for your Time Of India problem solving.

  2. Puneet, I stumbled across your app while searching online. Great effort…
    I am wondering if you are having the same trouble with hindustantimes as you are having with TOI aswell?

  3. any update on TOI downloader ?

  4. Plzg how to downlod pc epaper software

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