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Times of India adds captcha security :P ..

SO the integration of TimesOfIndia to my cloud application is gonnna be tougher. Sometime in the last week, TOI decided to add captcha everytime you want to download a pdf! Also they moved their PDFs to their private directories. So no more direct linking. If you try to access their page directly, you should something as follows :

This also means that the previous versions of my software will break for TOI. 😦
Anyways, nice they have taken some initiative towards more security. I will check to see if something can be done to bypass this.

Till then .. .


Epaper Downloader v1.0 – Complete Web Version –

First of all, Thanks everyone for the tremendous support. I have been continuously receiving emails about the software wrt to feature requests, bugs, etc. It really feels great.
So, I have been working on a new version for quite sometime now (although I didnt blog about it). I wanted to move the entire software to the cloud and after a lot of hurdles, I have finally done so. I present the completely new version of the Epaper Downloader, build from scratch with stability and extensibility in mind. Currently, It only has DNA support, but will add TOI in the next few days (shouldnt be difficult).

It should work on most browsers and devices (phones, tablets, too). (I had some problems with Chrome. If you have too, try using IE/Firefox).

Important Note: After the epaper is generated successfully, the link will be alive for the next 5 mins only. So make sure to save the paper to your device 🙂 ..

Waiting for your comments. ..
Till then ..