Next thing on my mind for epaper Downloader..

A quick post. Just to let my fans [: ) ] know the next thing on my mind for the app. A way to view the paper in your browser without downloading! Click on the embedded content below to read in full screen. But this might take some time and will cost me! Let me know if you like this idea. Leave comments about this or on Facebook (if u r my friend i.e.)..


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  1. hay puneet, its really wonder full and nice bro……….. but can’t you add some more newspapers like ………i am from nepal i like to read some nepali news paper if you can add those it would be great bro……….if you like i can give you the links of e paper

  2. i would like to download THE HINDU, any help you could do regarding this?? Times of India shows full download and when i look at the downloaded location in my drive it doesn’t show up at all…..

  3. Hi Puneet ,

    Program does not work consistently . For some dates we are not able to download Times of India. Often 1st Page in case of most newsapers do not het downloaded . Only it starts from Page 2 . For last 2 weeks whenever I try to download there is no response from the program. It was just a feedback so that you can improve your program. But definitelt it is a good concept but still needs a lot of improvisation.. Keep it up…

  4. Hey puneet,

    The program is not able to download Times Of India edition at all. May be you should check . Also in case of other newspapers first page is never get downloaded…. Hope you fix these issues ASAP.

  5. Same here dude… 🙂 DNA working great.. Would be very helpful if it worked the same with TOI.. “No epaper available for selected Parameters!” that’s what i’m getting whenever I try TOI… A little help for your new fan buddy…. 🙂

  6. good idea.. but do give the download option.. also If possible add ET wealth to download

  7. good idea.. but do give the download option.. also If possible add ET wealth to download

  8. I have downloaded the app,it is a rar file,but dont know how it works or to install it & to download the epaper.Plz Help.

  9. Really awesome concept n execution !! I checked out the Hindustan Time, it feels gr8 ! really rich browsing experience .. However, when i tried to get Mint newspaper; the desktop app after displaying ‘fetching pages in parallel’ said – ‘task cancelled’ . I tried this for many dates but of no help !

    Can u pls fix this ??

    Thanks a lot for developing a gr8 app n letting us use it for free 🙂


  10. This program does not work at all., Totally a crap

  11. Thanks a lot the viewer was awesome, how can i get current day paper using it?

  12. Please develope apk file

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