ePaper Downloader – Now includes TOI and Mint !! Improved UI! Improved Stability!

epaper DownloaderSo its been quite some time since I have updated the app. But I have been busy with my studies/research/job interviews and such. But I have finally finished with the new version of the app and it’s up for download.. Fellow NRIs! Rejoice! No need to pay for TOI epaper. You can download it free using this app :).

Download Links :
Web version : Get it here.
Desktop version : Get it here.

What’s changed :
– Times of India and Mint added. Previously included Hindustan Times, Hindustan Dainik & DNA.
– Improved UI : Progress indicator much more reliable now.
– Much more stable than the previous versions.
– Now you can automatically get the latest version if you use the web version. However the downside is that the app will be downloaded from the web on every launch. If that is a problem, use my desktop jar version and keep checking this blog for updates :).

I have received more than 500 downloads, which is much more than I initially anticipated.  Also received a couple of fan mails. Thank you for the continued support!

Credits: Many thanks to Dhruv Arya for letting me know that TOI epaper is still free (when visited using an Indian IP address).

Till then!


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  1. It is a real cool application that has a good utility value.

    May I offer a few suggestions from usability point of view:

    a. Download message indicates that multiple pages are downloaded in parallel. This may be from the point of view of optimizing the download time.
    Another view can that the pages are downloaded (in sequence)and as pages they get downloaded they start becoming visible to the user while rest of the downloaded is still in progress.

    b. Possible to indicate the estimated time reamining to download or to indicate the size of the download (In India many people pay for their Net bills by the bytes transferred)

  2. Thanks Puneet For Appreciation. Great Job Again man.
    Keep It Up. Do write to me if any help is required.
    Thanks Bro.


  3. Hi,

    The downloader seems to be skipping the first page of any epaper. The pdf that is generated is from the 2nd page onwards. Can you check on a fix for this problem.

    Thank you


    • Hi,

      Also, I’m not able to download the pages from my company intranet. Seems like this application uses some proxy server which is not accessible from my company intranet. Is it possible to use the default internet connection of my company to download the page? How can this be done from your application?



    • laiwe wieqoe akiwoqua ioweaow wroiwr oaweoru aoaseru aowur woruawo oawuroa aowurowurao sosd

  4. hi .. punit … u did make nicest software…
    but i m not able to download epaper of TOI Ahmadabad …
    can u plzz fix it ??

  5. Hi Puneet,
    I sent an email to your email which got bounced. Anyways please accept my kudos dude. you made it


  6. Hi Punit,
    I have seen your application and also Linkedin Profile. You are an awsome guy. Good job. Can you please add ECONOMIC TIMES TOO?????


  7. Hello Punit,

    You are great!
    Thanks for the the application,


  8. Hello Punit,

    Is is possible to download epaper in android phone/tab ?

    Some issue….
    Not able to download Hindustan times English
    Epaper downloads start with page 2, skip page 1
    Hope you will fix this issues….


  9. can you addd economic times also….. it is also free on net

  10. Fantastic…very impressed

  11. Nice program, can you please add Economic Times in the program???

  12. This is an awesome little tool.. I use this everyday, the only recent problem i am seeing is it does not download TOI and HT frontpages, dont know why?

    Thanks again for this – its awesome. Also your web app idea is great especially if you could do something like an HTML5 which can be read on ipad/tablet/touch phones. You can also make good ad revenue by adding popup ads every 5 mins on such a web app.

  13. it gets stuck at 25 percent!!!!!! please help!

  14. Kudos to you dude… 🙂 DNA working great.. Would be very helpful if it worked the same with TOI.. “No epaper available for selected Parameters!” that’s what i’m getting whenever I try TOI… A little help for your new fan buddy…. 🙂 Oh and Deccan Herald has a pretty large reader’s base… 🙂

  15. They have updated their systems and we can no longer download the e-papers.

  16. Sachin pedamkar

    I need to improve my gk.

  17. hey please include ET wealth

  18. its nt working

  19. its not working any more….where are you punit?

  20. its not wrking…do something plzzz..

  21. Hey, I installed the desktop version but after downloading the desired file, I click on open file, there is no action. I cannot see the downloaded epaper. Kindly suggest how to view it.

  22. It no longer works!

  23. hey can anyone tel me the entire proces of downloading

  24. not working ..fake?

  25. not working … initial comments might be his own cheatercock..

  26. not workng

  27. Same here, not working
    1. shows that the paper has been downloaded successfully but the file (pdf) is not generated in the directory – HT-Delhi
    2. doesnt download TOI

  28. Ibraimo bernardo

    I grammer this site

  29. Hi Punit.. i downloaded the desktop version of epaper downloder. can i get a how to use manual? i chose the newspaper and city and date.. couldnt download it.

  30. 18 aug 2013 economic times paper required

  31. Same here, not working. Dont waste time!!

  32. Not working!!!!!!!!! Getting same messege everytime..”No epaper available for selected Parameters!”

  33. Hello,

    Is this program really works?

    I downloaded the file but do not know how to run this Jar file. I have all the Java application installed in my windows7 system.

    How do I run this Jar file like any exe file? When I click on this jar file, I get error message saying this program is corrupted.

  34. How to use this Web version or Desktop version…please share the manual ….ASAP

  35. Hello Puneet,

    You seem to have created a really nice program which apparently doesn’t works as of today. I appreciate your efforts. Thank You for sharing it with us. I think you have abandoned the project as your latest post is too old to consider recent. I tried running your program and it fails exactly the way people describe it above.

    The program shows that it has finished downloading but actually it doesn’t, as the pdf generated doesn’t exists in the specified location. I even tried running a search but, still no luck.

    Never mind though, at least I got to know that this(or any other for that matter) program might not always work because the sites are regularly updated. They probably must be aware of this and therefore might take steps to curb free downloading.

    Still, Good Luck with your next project 🙂

  36. Hi Puneet, Gr8 Job!! I didn’t try your program but got the feeling that you had developed very useful prog. Please provide me your emai ID so that we can talk further about your project and future market for the same. my id given in the form. Thanks

  37. The download app is not working.. Plz give the alternate for newspaper pdf.

  38. Not working..

  39. not working mate! will be really nice if you have the time to get it back up.. thanks in advance!!

  40. I am regular e paper reader if you can give me facility to read your news paper and chance to send u my comments and articles/blogs

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