Monthly Archives: December 2010

Rdp/vnc client for android


These days I have been quite busy with my studies.. have a lot to blog.. so will start in small chunks..
Just upgraded my galaxy s to perception ROM Beta 8… its sweet.. having been having some gps issues though.. the Gingerbread launcher/keyboard are the highlights.  Will post more about this in a seperate post. As of nw I just installed the wyse pocketcloud .. looked sweet on first look.  Nice interface. Its a remote desktop app fr android. On launching told me to install the desktop client, was very surprised not to find a linux client in this age. But anyways today I was working on windows fr sone reason,  so downloaded the client,  but it failed to start some services during installation .. too bad.. tried again with admin priveleges but the same error.. giving up on it.  Will look at their blog later to check if I am missing anything.  Till later ….